When there’s severe, chronic stress, the adrenal glands can stay in the ‘on’ position, making extra amounts of these stress hormones.

Start Your Beauty Routine From The Inside Out

This alkaline foods reference chart will help you decode your diet and stay on the right track.

Eat fit, move fit, think fit.

Here are a few tips for cutting back your consumption of sugar while still enjoying sweetness in your life.

After all those holiday treats, our bodies are craving anything and everything healthy.

There is no sure fire way to figure out exactly why you want to eat a particular food at a particular time. But some food cravings can hint at nutritional deficiencies or other health issues.

To be sure you are on enough vitamins, have our "VITAMIN-CHECK UP ONLY".

The liver has a number of important functions.


The bacteria in your gut can be one of your strongest allies in getting healthy or it can be one of your worst enemies.

If you'd like a structured program with frequent follow-ups to keep you on track, this program is perfect for you.

How many times have you told yourself that you are not going to eat any more sugar and then found yourself digging into the next cupcake in sight?

Salute the sun and get some vitamin D! The sun is healing, you need to remember this.

Chronic pains of the body which cannot easily be explained as injury or infection should first and foremost be interpreted as signals of chronic water shortage in the area where the pain is registered

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