WHY this recipe book?

There are no ‘bad’ foods, people only have a slow metabolism and a sluggish gut.
The phrase ‘You are what you eat’ is no longer quite right. It should be: ‘You are what you can metabolise’!

This is because we have a very different lifestyle today compared to 100 years ago. We eat too many rapidly available carbohydrates (simple sugars) such as pasta, pizza, sandwiches, fast food, convenience food, cakes, sweets and hardly any vegetables.
By the way, lettuce is not a vegetable.
I am writing this here because so many of my clients don't even know this! How could they? Nobody tells them about it! Salad is always presented as THE slimming product par excellence - but it's not!

With my little recipe book, I would like to inspire you to eat differently for three months - try a different diet for three months!

Since 90% of people in the Western world have metabolism and digestive problems, you will clean your body and metabolism with these inspiring recipes and bring it back to full speed. This recipe book is much more! It is more of a "food concept", you will learn to integrate healthy nutrition into your life. It is the reset for your body to get your metabolism going, lose weight healthy and feel fitter. That's why this book is now available for you, dear reader for the first time.

Now available.

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price: €39

I wish you a lot of fun cooking, feasting and enjoying without regrets. Because good food influences body, mind and soul.

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