When you are deficient in a particular nutrient, health problems generally arise. Since the human body is remarkably resilient it can take years to see any outright symptoms of a particular nutrient deficiency. These symptoms generally involve not feeling as good as you used to, changes in skin quality, low energy, hormonal imbalances, joint pain, digestive issues, the list goes on.
Vitamin K2 is involved in numerous functions in the human body but is especially important for women.
For the prevention of everything from cancer to wrinkles, vitamin K2 is the missing nutrient for women's health. Most women don't need a calcium supplement, but vitamin K2 will channel dietary calcium to the right places. Although everyone seems to be taking vitamin D we're not getting all the benefits of vitamin D without K2, and even risking harm from it.

Bone Health
Dental Health
Cardiovascular Health
Healthy Veins

The foods highest in vitamin K2:

Natto (fermented soybeans)
Goose Liver (and other liver)
Cheeses - Gouda and brie have the highest concentration but any cheese from a grass-fed animal will have Vitamin K2. Consider having some fruit and cheese as a snack.
Egg yolks from a pasture-raised chicken also contain K2. Eat 2-3 egg yolks a day.

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