Candida is a type of yeast that releases toxins into the blood causing a variety of symptoms - such as bloating, constipation and diarrhea, cloudy mind and memory, depression, feeling chronic fatigue and tiredness, bad breath, menstrual disorders and inflammation. Candida first spreads in the mouth and intestines, then gets into the blood, and then slowly but surely into your vital organs.
A diet rich in starch (carbohydrates) or refined or hybrid sugar (fruits), feeds the candida fungus. If too much refined sugar is found in the body, the body is over-acidified and allows the candida to spread easier.
People who suffer from candida often took a lot of antibiotics. The “good” gut bacteria can destroy candida. In order to overcome candida you need a healthy gut flora.
If you're on the consumption of refined sugar and starch so that the body tissues become acid again, the good gut flora gets imbalanced, musty milieu gets out of control and then candida is growing.
Only an alkaline diet and a body detox ensures that the gut flora is rebalanced and thus candida will be back under control.
To all my clients with candida problems, I recommend a special one-week DETOX treatment with a lot of fresh green vegetables, smoothies with low sugar content and much more.

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