Enjoy dessert as an occasional treat rather than as a daily event. When you do indulge, choose a treat with high-quality ingredients and savor the experience. Instead of eating a cheap chocolate bar on the run, buy yourself a delicious chocolate truffle or something else you love, and eat it with conscious awareness.

Limit or avoid sweetened beverages in all forms, this includes adding sweeteners to your healthy teas. Water should be the primary liquid that you consume. If you need some extra zing, try adding mint leaves, whole chunks of fruit like citrus slices or berries, or sliced cucumbers. You can also try herbal teas, many of which have a natural sweetness as well as other potential health benefits.

There’s a lot of added sugar in processed foods, including cereal and protein bars, commercial yogurt, and condiments such as ketchup. Read the labels carefully and choose products that minimize added sugar. Better yet, start to reduce your consumption of processed foods in favor of fresh, whole foods such as delicious fruits and vegetables, nuts, and seeds. When you do buy prepared foods, choose those made with just a few ingredients.

As you reduce the amount of added sugars you consume, you will need less to appreciate the sweet taste.

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