A few research studies have suggested that a diet high in calcium could help break down stored fat. However, you should view these types of claims with a skeptical eye and make sure to take away the facts without labeling calcium as a “miracle weight loss solution.”


Researchers said that calcium stored in fat cells plays an important role in regulating fat storage and breakdown. It’s assumed that the more calcium there is in a fat cell, the more fat is burned.

Past research showed that a low-calcium diet is associated with increased levels of certain hormones; these hormones increase fat synthesis and storage. The results of the 2004 study suggest that a high calcium diet suppresses the activity of these hormones and therfore reduces fat mass.




So how much calcium and what calcium sources should you consume to benefit from its potential fat metabolizing effects? While calcium supplements may help you reach your daily recommended calcium intake, you are always better off meeting your nutritional needs from foods and especially from vegetables. We all do not eat enough vegetables these days. Salad, by the way, is not a vegetable!


Consuming a high calcium diet does NOT mean that you can eat anything and everything in sight and still lose weight by consuming enough calcium. Nor does it mean that you should overdose on calcium-rich foods in order to increase fat breakdown. Consuming much more than the recommended amounts of calcium has not been shown to further increase fat metabolism and it can be toxic and may increase your risk of heart disease or stroke.

Bottom line: If you enjoy eating veggies, include at least 2-3 servings/day to satisfy your cravings and meet your estimated calcium needs. All kinds of veggies, baked beans, oranges, almonds, fortified soymilk, kale, tofu, or calcium supplements.

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