In the holistic health world the one area that has garnered quite a bit of attention in recent years is the digestive system (the gut). While the digestive system is quite important there is another area that might just be more important—the thyroid. When you talk about the thyroid what you are really talking about is your metabolism as the thyroid controls the rate at which the cells that make up your body create energy. When our cells are operating efficiently, we look good, feel well, sleep well, age slowly, have a lot of energy and can easily adapt to any stressors that we come in contact with.

What causes problems:
Fasting and calorie restriction
Excess stress, particularly from excessive exercise
Dietary protein deficiency
A high amount of unsaturated oils in the diet, and any liquid oils outside of coconut oil and olive oil fall into this group.
An abundance of raw vegetables, particularly goitrogens vegetables.
Diets that emphasize nuts, seeds, and beans as a primary protein source.

What areas can be impacted?
"High" Cholesterol - Thyroid hormone helps convert cholesterol into reproductive hormones. When not present, cholesterol levels keep rising (i.e., they are never converted)
Low Libido - Per the above, thyroid hormones are needed to make reproductive hormones.
Hair and Skin - Thyroid hormone is responsible for ensuring the integrity of all tissues in the body, especially these.
Eye Bags / Dark Circles - Often indicative of hormonal imbalances, food sensitivity and protein deficiency.
PMS / Hormonal - Thyroid problems can upset the delicate balance of estrogen to progesterone.

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