Depending on our fat content, our bodies are made up of anywhere between 65% and 85% water. In fact, most of our vital organs are mainly water, like our heart, brain and even muscles.

This is why I will recommend that we consume a minimum of 88 ounces water each day, which roughly translates to eight full glasses.

  1. It gives you energy.
    Feeling tired and groggy? You're probably dehydrated, which can also cause achiness. So, to perk yourself up in the morning (or avoid that afternoon slump), drink a glass of cold water. One Swiss study found that volunteers who were deprived of water felt twice as tired and less alert than their water-drinking counterparts. They also had to work twice as hard on cognitive tests. Need we say more?
  2. It clears up your skin.
    Our skin is 74% water, so it's pretty clear (no pun intended) that drinking more water can help keep blemishes at bay and even reduce the appearance of wrinkles. So drink up for a healthy glow and tighter pores, or you could be stuck with shriveled-looking skin.
  3. It can amp up your workout.
    There's a misconception floating around that says drinking water while you exercise can give you nasty cramps. Not true. In fact, it can help keep you energized while doing cardio or strength training workouts. And if you exercise in warmer weather, you're losing a lot more fluids than you would at the gym. So be sure to drink up before, during, and after to keep your body hydrated.
  4. It helps give you a flatter belly.
    Trying to lose weight? Ditch the sugary drinks and processed foods for a tall glass of water and fruits and veggies. Filling up on water before a meal actually helps you consume less. The proof? One study found that obese participants who drank two glasses of water before each meal lost five pounds more than those who didn't increase their water intake. They also kept off the weight longer.

Other reasons to drink up? If you're dehydrated, you actually hoard water in your body, making you look and feel heavier in your midsection. Drinking water will also help create the appearance of a slimmer face because our faces store water the same way the rest of our body does.

  1. It helps with pain management.
    If you suffer from muscle or joint pain, adding more water to your diet can help. Not only does water lubricate and cushion your joints, it acts as a protective barrier for our spinal cord, our sensitive tissues, and our brain.
  2. It can ward off illnesses.
    If you're suffering from an illness like fever, diarrhea, or vomiting, sipping water can help you feel better, faster. Also, drinking water helps prevent and cure headaches. Feel a migraine coming on? Reach for a glass of water, low-fat milk, or fruit to minimize the pain.
  3. It can protect against diseases.
    Some studies have linked water intake with a reduced risk of bladder, breast, and colon cancers. It's also been linked with a healthy heart, which makes sense because our hearts are nearly 75% water.
  4. It supports vital bodily functions.
    Water does everything from forming saliva, which is necessary for digestion, to helping regulate hormones. It also helps regulate your body temperature, deliver oxygen to the rest of your body, and promote healthy cells. It also aides the process of something we need to do everyday: flush out bodily waste through perspiration, urination, and bowel movements.

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