In the rush hour of our life, between 30 and 45, we age most rapidly – but this we can change. Ageing, of course, cannot be stopped but it can be drastically slowed down which is something that not only Cameron Diaz knows.

Ageing depends 70% on a healthy nutrition lifestyle and regular detoxing and only 30% on your genes. This means that our inner blueprint can be changed! For many decades it was believed that genetic disposition is nothing but simple fate. But our genes respond to everything we say, do, or think. Diseases can indeed be affected at a genetic level by a change of lifestyle and eating habits. This is brilliant because how fast we age lies in our own hands.

Researchers found out that these methods and our lifestyle, which includes nutrition (removing signs of inflammation), stress reduction (stress is cancer trigger No 1), exercising (pilates, yoga), meditation (wellbeing), and healthy sleep (regeneration), can prompt positive genetic mutations which leads to a longer and healthier life.

Humans have the potential to grow old healthily. We have meanwhile become used to the fact that old people get ill automatically. However, this doesn’t have to be. And before we get ill, we age dramatically.

From the age of 25, how we age is our responsibility, but we can change everything for the better with a healthy diet and a better lifestyle.


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