Cabin fever much? I'm with you! With more of us than ever before working, living and educating at home, I thought I’d provide you with a few clever ideas to keep fun and simple activities sprinkled in to your time in. Social distancing is one of the most important things we can do for our communities now — staying calm and content while we do so is something we’re all working on. We’re in this together!
After all, there is only so much Netflix-and-chilling we can enjoy while socially distancing. Rifle through this round-up of engaging activities and find an interesting project or two you can enjoy…
Fun & Useful Projects To Try While Social Distancing
Make Quick Pickles | Learn to make quick pickles — not only are pickled veggies incredible for your immunity and gut health, but you’ll also have pickling skills under your belt and a full stash of pickled treats, come summer.
Craft + Cleanse | Three cleansing purification rituals to keep your space spiritually clear. We could all need some spirit cleansing right now.
Brush up on Communication | Tight quarters your partner, kids or roommate? If ever there was a time to up your communication mastery game, it is now. Print this and stay sane. Good luck.
Comfort food is the new black | Bake someone happy. Chocolate plus banana bread equals banana bread brownies. You will want to make these again and again. 
Watch All The Beauty Tutorials | Get your skincare routine on point. 
Make Homemade Bread | Finally, let’s get those sourdough skills going. Why not book a virtual bread making class with our resident sourdough guru, or brave the delicious beast yourself with this step by step.
Netflix this: Toxic Beauty | Cozy up and watch something educational. This doc will leave you and your roommate or family with plenty to talk about afterward. 
Clean your beauty routine | After watching Toxic Beauty, you’ll be desperate to create a clean capsule beauty collection. 
Dive into a juicy book | Or a book on juicing. Now is your chance to master mad knowledge about superfoods, macrobiotics or how to vibrate higher daily! 
Do A Sustainable Pantry Makeover | Ready to dump the gunk? If you’ve been waiting for a beat to hunker down and get rid of anything outdated, toxic and unsustainable in your pantry, now’s a good time. 
Learn to cook | Take advantage of life’s slower pace and learn to make a simple, but healthful broth or another basic recipe for the first time. 
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