Just about every skin type can benefit from a daily treatment with vitamin C. The antioxidant’s brightening, firming, smoothing, and nourishing effects make skin noticeably more glowing after even just a few uses. Whether you’re breakout-prone, you’re dry, or you just want to preserve the gorgeous complexion you already have, adding vitamin C to your routine will give you both instant and long-term results.
Vitamin C is well-studied in terms of its effects on skin, whether applied topically or taken orally. Like all antioxidants, it can help limit the formation of free radicals in skin caused by everything from UV rays to pollution, it can support existing collagen, and it even has some sun-protective qualities. Because it’s mildly exfoliating, it can help soften the look of dark spots, even skin tone, and brighten and plump skin so that lines appear less visible. Many of us have noticed a change in clarity and glow in our skin after using it for even just a few days. Vitamin C in foods and in supplements can also make an enormous difference in terms of skin health.
Whether you’re blemish-prone or dry, have skin that abruptly oscillates between the two, or want to keep your skin as gorgeous as it already is, vitamin C is the ticket. 
Have a vitamin check up treatment to find out which supplements you exactly need.

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