Steve Jobs, Richard Branson and other successful creatives have one thing in common: Daily routine. 
Here's why habit is the key to true productivity.
Creatives hate routine. Or do we? Creativity in itself is a threat to the status quo, and status quo, by definition, is routine. The most well-known creatives of our time, though, from Steve Jobs to Elon Musk, all have a set routine. 
There are two reasons why the most productive creative people often do the same thing every day. 
One is for habit. The other is for energy.
Amateur creatives believe structure constricts the imagination. Professionals understand structure gives us freedom.
I know I'll meditate for a few minutes, take a walk and briefly journal today. I know I'll meditate for a few minutes, take a walk and briefly journal tomorrow, too. Not only is it something I don't have to think about, but it is something I know I can depend on. 
It is fixed and elastic.
We all can experiment with new ways to serve our audience because we have properly structured how to serve ourselves. We have systems in place to maintain ourselves personally and professionally every day. We have a habit.
Steve Jobs famously had a closet full of black turtlenecks and high-waisted "dad jeans". One of the most innovative people in our lifetime had a closet filled with the same outfit like Matlock.
Why? He didn't have to decide.
Too many options disable our strength. We assume that more choices empower us. In reality, each decision takes more energy away - and can eventually create inertia.
Would you rather spend your energy finishing that amazing project or deciding what you'd like for lunch? Just make the sandwich with french fries.
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