The human body, or let’s say, all our organs and organ systems, need a variety of nutrients (vitamins, minerals, fatty acids) to function properly. Our brain is an organ as well, and needs all the vitamins, etc.

If our metabolism is not working at 100%, it is not able to metabolise all the vitamins, etc., and we won't have all the vitamins, etc., acting 100% for our organs and our body, maybe only 80% or 50%!
What does it mean? What are the side effects?

The lowdown on how getting the right nutrition (or not) affects your grey matter – plus a giveaway to keep you healthy and happy!

We all know that the right food choices are key to stellar digestion, a rockin’ bod, and a complexion that glows. But did you know that what you eat directly affects your mental health? Turns out that if your brain doesn’t get the nourishment it needs to function, there can be severe consequences for your mood, memory, and later for diseases like Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s, etc. Make the change now while you are still young and not later when you are old. 

Nutrition has a huge preventative effect for your health in general and of course also in certain cases, for Alzheimer’s!

Starting to take care of your health while still young will protect you!

The brain, made up of 60% fat in its dry weight, needs the right kind of fat to operate optimally. A large percentage of this fat is made up of specialized omega-3 and -6 fatty acids. Unfortunately, these fats are also very delicate. This means that many of these fats that people consume today are damaged. Organic nuts and seeds and undamaged oils, as well as lots of leafy greens, supply both omega-3 and omega-6. Most people get enough omega-6, but in a damaged form. So if you focus on omega-3 found in ground flax seeds and chia seeds, as well as undamaged essential fatty acid oil blends, you will be supplying great, undamaged fats for your brain. In addition, unrefined carbohydrates provide steady blood glucose for a greedy brain, and clean protein ensures enzyme and hormone production and the foundation for the brain messengers – the neurotransmitters.

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