Supplements can’t ever replace our diet! But sometimes vitamins can support our immune system.

In order for your body to function, you need to make sure you are consuming enough essential nutrients in your everyday diet with actual healthy food. Just so you know, butter does not count as a good carb and no, your beloved chicken-and-broccoli combination platter doesn't satisfy anything but your mid-night-craving for sweets.

Signs you need more vitamin A:

Dry eyes
Blindness at night
Scaly, dry skin

The next time you get a paper cut, grab a bandage and chew on some carrots, sweet potatoes, squash, or tuna. Vitamin A encourages healthy cell production to heal wounds, boost your immune system, and strengthen your vision.

Signs you need more vitamin C:

Seasonal cold
Chronic inflammation
Tired, low energy

Vitamin C is a typical antioxidant that has been proven to be highly effective at inhibiting the free radicals that cause wrinkles, sagging and general aging.
One of the most intensely studied areas of vitamin C benefits is in the area of cardiovascular health. Researchers are finding that vitamin C impacts several aspects of cardiac health, ranging from blood pressure to endothelial health. Perhaps it’s not surprising that as the relationship between oxidative damage, inflammation, and atherosclerosis becomes increasingly investigated by science, vitamin C is seen as a key protective element against many aspects of cardiovascular disease.

Signs you need more vitamin D:

Weakened bones
Susceptibility to infectious diseases like the flu

There are no clear symptoms of vitamin D deficiency, however, the longer someone goes without getting the nutrient—by not basking in the sunlight enough or eating enough almonds or fatty fish—the more likely it is your skeletal health decreases. The only way to be positive of your status is to get yourself checked.

Signs you need more Calcium:

Frequent muscle cramps
Prolonged abnormal appetite—meaning eating isn't appealing to you
Development of osteoporosis (over a longer period of time)

You remember those “Got Milk” commercials? Brilliant! But maybe their message didn't stick with you when you were a kid. Calcium helps your heart, prevents bloods clots, and of course, fortifies your bones and teeth.

Signs you need more Proteins:

Hair that falls out
Thinning hair
Sore muscles
Not building muscle while exercising (if you are trying to bulk up)
Constantly getting sick
Muscle loss

Is it just us or is everyone talking about protein these days? Don't go overboard with your red meats. The quality and quantity of protein sources can impact your risk against cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Signs you need more fiber:

Constant hunger

So this is why we are starving by midnight (sorry, donuts). A healthy fiber intake—from oats, beans, and broccoli—can help with irritable bowl syndrome, high cholesterol, and irritable bowel disease. Basically, fiber is your gut's best friend.

Signs you need more Iron:

Pale skin
Always feeling cold
Difficulty breathing

Low energy

Ahhh, iron—it's the mineral that allows our cells to retain oxygen and keep our blood circulating.

Let`s check your vitamins here.

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