Oh my, it just blows my top when I see liposuction being promoted as a “weight cure-all” on television.

What so many people get wrong: this procedure is not a method to lose weight, all it can do is removing some subcutaneous fat.

Especially women choose to re-shape their bodies through liposuction more and more often. But it’s a complex surgery not free from risks and side effects such as danger of thrombosis or internal injuries caused by the liposuction cannula. Aesthetic long-term side effects can include bumpy skin after the surgery. It shouldn’t be forgotten either that the patients need to carry on watching their weight, otherwise the fat comes back, reappearing on other areas.

So before you opt for surgical fat removal, get some knowledge first!
Meaning: know what you can do to achieve your ideal weight with nutrition and exercise. When I work with my clients, who want to lose weight, each nutritional plan is different and individual, put together after a thorough analysis. And in the event that some stubborn fat remains, a liposuction can be still taken in consideration.

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