Foods like ice cream, cheese and yogurt are culprits, as are sweet & sour fruits like grapes, oranges, plums and grapefruits. Sweet potatoes, cucumbers, tomatoes and zucchini are also not recommended. Meat, pork and beef should especially be avoided.

Apples, apricots, pomegranates, pears, peaches and persimmons are good for you with some cinnamon, as are asparagus, beets, eggplant, garlic, leafy greens, cabbage, lettuce and mushrooms.

Oils are to be consumed sparingly, and it is preferred to use almond or sunflower oil when you do so. While regular dairy and dairy products are not good for you, goat’s milk and derived products help to energize you.

At mealtime, try to observe the following discipline: your stomach should be filled roughly a third with food, another third with water, and the final third with air. Always have still mineral water, but never ice cold, and don’t have any kind of fruit juices!

Wish you a happy day and that you will be full of nice energy.

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