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Rain, sun, rain, clouds, sun, rain, rain. This unpredictable weather is deceitful and just the right setting for catching a cold.
The outbreak of the common cold is haunting my friends right now, and so I receive many questions on what to do to bounce back faster. I have three bits of advice:

1. Eat green! Supercharge on fresh green vegetables!
2. Drink good quality, still water!
3. Check your vitamin balance!

As simple and practicable as the first two tips are, as many question marks arise when people hear advice #3. My vitamin balance? Generally speaking, a balanced diet should provide us with anything we need. Yet only a few actually follow an adequate diet. That’s why we need supplements to close the nutrient gaps.

The amount of available supplements is vast, hardly understandable, confusing and overwhelming. Everybody knows that Vitamin C is vital for a healthy body – but there are more health boosters.
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Here are my top 5 Vitamin picks for staying healthy in fall:

  1. S-Acetyl Glutathione binds toxins in the lever and removes them from the body, also helping reduce inflammations.
  2. Probiotics optimize the gut flora, which is vital to our health, regulate the digestion and strengthen the immune system.
  3. Magnesium calms nerves and is needed to relax muscles. It regulates the body-heat balance and the water balance, provides more energy and stamina.
  4. Vitamin D more than 90% are synthesized in the skin upon exposure to sunlight – which us Central Europeans lack in winter. Vitamin D is good for healthy bones and needed for the immune system to function properly.
  5. B Complex regulates our carbohydrates metabolism, our fat metabolism, and our protein metabolism. They boost the metabolism and are vital for sanguification, or formation of blood.

I’m here to help you get your individual vitamin consultation!

Sincerely yours
Caroline Bienert

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