Beauty products, plastic surgery and workout are not the only forces to make us look and feel younger. There are all natural ways to say stop to the aging process. To maintain your youthful look and spirit, follow these simple tips:

Secret #1: Bearberry
Bearberry extract is a powerful ingredient to get rid of age spots. Free radicals and sun exposure – both really hard to avoid – are the main culprits for that undesired pigmentation. Bearberry extract works by slowing the melanin-producing process that initially formed the age spots.
Look for a cream or a lotion with bearberry extract; use it for approximately 6 weeks.

Secret #2: Epsom Salt
Epsom salt is naturally anti-inflammatory. Used as a bath salt, it draws out excess fluids – and toxins. Add two cups Epsom salt to your 37°C warm bath water (the exact temperature is crucial!) and soak for 10 minutes for an inexpensive, natural and relaxing detox treatment.

Secret #3: Collagen
Naturally occurring in our body cells, collagen is an in-built wrinkle killer! It also maintains the shine and bounce of your hair and enhances the strength of your nails. Adjusting your metabolism and your vitamin supply can boost natural collagen synthesis and help turn back the clock. Enjoy the natural rejuvenation and beauty.

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