Christmas time, chocolate time – the sweet treats are popular with all age groups, and some of my clients start feeling a twinge of conscience: healthy eating and chocolate for my little ones… now that’s not a match! Or is it?

Dear parents, let me break down the good news: please go and buy chocolate for your kids and for yourself.
But here’s the thing: please buy the right chocolate! Which is dark chocolate and starts at 85% of cocoa content!
Chocolate is bad for you if it contains too much sugar and milk (milk sugar).


If you go for dark chocolate, you choose wisely! It contains Flavonols, natural Flavonoids that can increase the strength and integrity of the blood vessel walls, and reduce blood pressure. Beauty and health blogger Nath Fedorova, whom I hold in high regard, has recently written a post about further health benefits of dark chocolate: ‘Chocolate & The Grey Matter’.

Important chocolate facts for you and your kids:
1.  Buy high quality chocolate with a minimum cocoa content of 85%.
2.  Enjoy in moderation – a maximum of 100 grams per day.

Oh and by the way, my favorite gourmet chocolates are made by the French manufacture Michel Cluizel and Vivani, the German chocolate manufacture with a long-standing tradition.

Schoko2      Schoko3

My mouth is watering just thinking about their yummy delicacies, so, Santa Baby, you know what’s on my list tonight!

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