No, it’s not what you think – I haven’t joined the club of sexual therapists. But today I want to address a symptom quite common among my clients. In long-term relationships the passion, the sexual drive can get somewhat lost, and it’s more often an energy problem rather than a relationship problem.

Sex is a result of a fit body and mind together with a picture perfect immune system – and the ability to relax. And nutrition is vital in this equation!

Now, you sure have heard or read about aphrodisiac foods. So in order to prepare for a night of pleasure my advice is… a romantic dinner at an Italian restaurant. Italian cuisine is often rich in aphrodisiacs:

Choose a healthy fish for main course – salmon, tuna, or scallops. Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish will aid to raise dopamine levels in the brain, thus helping to build up erotic tension. By the way: omega-3 deficiencies often occur in new mothers.

Or how about raw oysters? Oysters are the best source of zinc which in turn is considered to aid the testosteroneproduction. Zinc is also vital for maintaining healthy sperm and good blood circulation.


And of course, a glass of red wine is a must: both the antioxidants and the alcohol can increase nitrogen monoxide in the blood thus promoting capillary dilation and improving blood flow to the genital area. Just make sure to leave it at one or two glasses. More alcohol has an adverse effect on sexual performance!

Here’s to a wonderful night!

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