I often see women and couples that are perfectly healthy, good looking and well-adjusted. And then they tell me that they tried to conceive. The doctors gave them the green light. But nothing happened.

These are the moments when I’m happy to know I can help. The holistic treatment can increase a woman’s chances of achieving conception. Modern laboratory tests enable me to analyse a woman’s dietary habits and lifestyle, her metabolism, her immune system, her nervous system and her endocrine system. The ‘big picture’ then helps me craft the personal treatment.

Reproductive health is often influenced by unnoticed, minor conditions: vitamin deficiencies, weakened immunity, inflammatory processes, food allergies or endometriosis, to name a few.


The right and balanced diet that provides enough vitamins and minerals, sometimes combined with a light detox treatment can have a positive impact on many of the impediments listed above. In cooperation with the doctors in charge, sperm or ovarian deficiencies can be treated. The treatments that I offer are highly individual and I work very closely with the patients.

A recent major success: a patient who was already a mother of two but wanted to have a child with her new partner. She was desperate for help. Now, only six weeks after beginning the treatment she came to my praxis, beaming: “I’m pregnant!”


More info on my “Pregnant Beauty” treatments: www.carolinebienert.com/de/#treatments

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