According to a study, 6 million people in Germany suffer from diabetes and in the USA it is 24 million. Researchers from the University of Chicago have now made this gloomy forecast and published it in the medical journal, “Diabetes Care”. In 2009, nearly 24 million diabetics were living in the USA. Treating them has given rise to costs of $113bn. If you consider the calculations of Elbert Huang and his team, there will be about 44 million diabetics in 2034, in Germany there will be 12 to 15 million. The resulting treatment costs will rise to $336bn according to the scientists – adjusted for inflation.

Diabetes II not only drastically increases the risk of cardiac diseases, strokes and high blood pressure, but it also brings along terrifying complications like loss of sight, amputations, kidney damage and impotency. As studies show, the good news is that we can both prevent diabetes and also treat pre-­‐existing diabetes with our diet. A study led by Dr. James confirmed that, with a change of diet, the blood sugar values, the level of cholesterol and weight can be decreased.

A 3-­‐week change of diet reduced the insulin dosage by 40%

After only three weeks change of diet, the insulin dosage could be reduced by 40%. The result of the change to a vegetarian, high-­‐fibre and low-­‐fat diet was that the insulin dosage decreased by 40% (in only 3 weeks!).

The results of these analyses are undoubtedly very impressive and underscore the theory that a diet based on vegetarian food can strengthen your beauty and health. However, I would like to emphasise that you don’t need to become a vegetarian or vegan in order to make the best of use of my DETOX@home programme. Even if you still eat animal protein – your consumption of vegetable foods will increase considerably. If you change your diet, your body becomes an efficiently working system and you will accumulate far fewer toxins in your body. You will be more beautiful and dynamic!

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