The LOCKDOWN "DETOX @ home program"

What are you going to do during the lockdown? Channel all of your energy into your well-being and health. The most important thing is that your immune system is strengthened so that it gets through the Corona period healthy. Use your time and energy during the lockdown for your individual DETOX @ home program. The DETOX @ home program is individually tailored to all your needs and is simple and can be implemented virtually. Prevention is the chance to strengthen your immune system so that you stay healthy. Come out of lockdown stronger and look fabulous. You feel good again in your body and are full of energy and biologically rejuvenated. We cannot stop old age, but we can slow it down immensely through detox.

We all want to feel fresh, full of energy and full of energy. But do you actually know how?

Detox, i.e. the removal of harmful substances from the body, looks back on a long tradition. People have always felt the desire to cleanse their bodies at regular intervals and to get rid of all superfluous ballast. This need corresponds to the instinctive feeling that cleansing is a great relief for body and soul, which is necessary in order to maintain health. It is a failure of each of us not to deal with this obviously important subject.

That is why nutritionist Caroline Bienert has developed the 8-day DETOX @ home program, which anyone can implement at home alone with professional guidance. There are many detox cures such as offered by Anthony Williams, but not with individual and professional support. This is very important when detoxifying, as every metabolism is unique and also reacts individually. The detox expert Caroline can respond immediately and a successful detox is guaranteed.

Detoxify, purify, let go ... with the metabolism expert Caroline Bienert.

Why is the DETOX @ home program so important:

  • In a detox analysis conversation with Caroline, she will get to the bottom of the individual sources of pollution.
  • Find out which toxins and pollutants are among the main disease-causing agents in our modern world.
  • Understand the difficulties our body has to deal with to break down the many different toxins.
  • Receive a “DIY” Do-It-Yourself program with individual coaching, with which you can counteract toxins and support you in lowering your toxin exposure so that you can regain your health.
  • Learn how you can actively support your body in getting rid of toxins and pollutants in the long term.
  • Get the certainty that with the support of the DETOX @ home program you will feel more vitality, strength and joie de vivre again after a short time (24 hours).
  • Learn how you can supply your organism with all the nutrients it needs in order to stay fit and vital.

How does the "DETOX @ home" program work?

This “DETOX @ home” program is so special because you will receive an individual DETOX coaching with Caroline every day (by phone / facetime / skype). In this way, your DETOX is perfectly tailored to you and your metabolism, and you achieve your goals optimally.

1 day
Discussion / preparation for your "DETOX @ home program" individual analysis conversation with Caroline (via phone / facetime / skype)

2 day
Planning, organization, shopping, etc. Individual coaching

3rd day
1st preparation day, individual coaching

4th day
2nd preparation day, individual coaching

5th day
1st DETOX day, individual coaching

6th day
2nd DETOX day, individual coaching

7th day
1st follow-up day, individual coaching

8th day
2. Follow-up day, individual coaching, final discussion

The "DETOX @ home" program - detoxify your body in 8 days

Do you often feel limp, listless and have a bloated stomach or a headache every now and then?

You always wanted to do a professional DETOX @ home program, but you didn't know how? Is your physical health, fitness and well-being very important to you? Then my DETOX @ home program is probably right for you.
Professionally detoxify the body in 8 days

If you often feel weak or listless, have a bloated stomach or occasional headaches - then this program is for you!

If you've always wanted to do a professional detox program, but never knew how to do it - here's where I'll show you? Is your physical health, fitness and well-being very important to you? Then use my DETOX @ home program for you - it will do you good.

A professional DETOX @ home program that you can easily implement yourself at home.

Many recipes of delicious and healthy smoothies

The DETOX @ home program is intended for everyone who does something good for their body and wants to detoxify professionally

No previous knowledge is required, the booklet guides you step by step through the whole program

The program is probably not for you if you can't commit to changing your diet once for a week

At the end of the program you will

  • have detoxified your body independently and with joy
  • Understand your own body and its functions better
  • Prepare delicious and healthy smoothies creatively and easily
  • Eating healthy and vital again and again
  • Being able to complete your own professional DETOX @ home program

In the 140-page booklet you will find everything you need in terms of information, from the shopping list to the entire process and much more.

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Time: anytime by appointment
Location: phone / facetime / skype / what's up


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