Since long time I look forward to this week, because finally my Dubai season starts again. I will be in Dubai on a regular basis now to see my clients in the Arabic mega-city. I can't wait to meet with good friends and to feel the energy and the warmth of this town, which will reload my body and soul. And I look so forward to meeting lots of exciting new people.

To arrive healthy and fit at my destiantion I have some rituals for the flight.
Here are some tips:
I always book the afternoon - or even better the night machine so I can sleep and my body can rest and better adapt to the new time zone. Before the flight I would eat a light dish without carbs - best is chicken or fish with salad or some veggies. I skip the meals in the plane (which are certainly much better then some years ago), but I would order lots and lots of water. I drink a minimum of 2 liters while the 5 hour flight to Dubai - alcohol is a no-go! Also I skip the breakfast in the plane and rather treat myself with a wonderful freshly made and relaxt meal as a "welcome" in the hotel.


And a final advice: I always have some herb tea in my purse (e.g. Yogi Tea) - Ginger/ Lemon for example. A really good cup of excellent teas will help my body and metabolism to relax.

With these rituals your body and soul are preparedfor a smooth arrival at your destination
Hello so soon Dubai!


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