Insomnia can throw your total system out of balance. If obesity seems to be far removed from sleeplessness, it is actually very much connected to it.

Meanwhile, it is known that the balance between both hormones which regulate the appetite – ghrelin and leptin – is lost as a result of lack of sleep. A lack of sleep can easily lead to a sleeping disorder and the regeneration of your system is no longer fully guaranteed.

If you are exhausted at the end of the day and feel worn out without time to relax, when you don’t laugh and don’t feel the joy of simply being here – these are all signs which you should pay attention to.

Caroline’s tips for healthy sleep:

  1. Eat regular meals with healthy food
  2. Reduce sugar
  3. Drink plenty clean water
  4. Reduce stress
  5. Always have light evening meals, eg no uncooked vegetarian food
  6. Detox regularly to relieve the system

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